Support for Houses

About the Risk Management Matrix

What it is

  • A guide to clarify roles and responsibilities of parties to the NHCP and other stakeholders for Neighbourhood Houses that experience difficulty requiring external assistance
  • A tool to help Neighbourhood Houses, Networks and the Department to identify when things are not going well before they get too serious
  • A framework for providing support to Neighbourhood Houses when things aren't going well

What it isn't

  • A document for 'policing' or 'punishing' Neighbourhood Houses

Why do we need it?

  • To provide certainty to Neighbourhood Houses that sometimes get into difficulty about where they can expect to get support
  • To prevent Neighbourhood Houses from becoming unviable, leaving communities without the infrastructure they need
  • To provide consistency in the type and levels of support provided by departmental regional staff
  • Networks are funded to provide governance and management support to Neighbourhood Houses within their Network

You can download a copy of the Quailty Enhancement and Risk Management Matrix here.