Using the NH Networks Good Practice Guide

This guide is designed primarily for NH Network Committees of Governance and NH Networkers, but it is also intended to inform the public, stakeholders and funding bodies about the operations of NH Networks.

It is understood that not all NH Networks will be able to implement all tasks in each practice level. An individual NH Network's capacity to conduct the work detailed in the document will depend on the level of Neighbourhood House Coordination Program (NHCP) funding, number of members, geographic distance, etc. But whatever their capacity and priorities, the guide should provide standards and inspiration for continuous improvement.

NH Networks may choose to use this guide for:

  • New NH Networker induction
  • NH Network Committee of Governance (CoG) induction
  • New NH Coordinator/NH CoG induction
  • NH Network strategic planning
  • Annual NH Network evaluation
  • Reporting on NH Network activities/outcomes
  • Explaining the role and function of the NH Network to external parties
  • Funding submissions
  • Advocacy for increased investment in the NH Network
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement in NH Network operations
  • Marketing and promotion of the NH Network