Neighbourhood House Sector Orientation

The following is a list of resources, guides & documents to assist with the induction & orientation of people (including committee members, staff and volunteers) new to the Neighbourhood House Sector.  Click here for a breakdown of recommended reading (all documents are available for download from the ANHLC Website:

Key NH Sector Resources & Guides

Neighbourhood House Coordination Program 2012-2015, DHS, Victoria 2012

NHCP guidelines and NH sector information guide.

Sector Framework, ANHLC, March 2003

Describes the vision, philosophy, principles, & practice of the NH&LC sector in Victoria
Developed using the sector community development practice

NH Networks - an information resource
updated regularly

A reference booklet that briefly profiles each of the 16 Neighbourhood House and Learning Centre Networks and broadly outlines the network style of practice includes maps. 

Quality Improvement & Enhancement

Neighbourhood House Good Practice Guide, ANHLC, April 2012 

NH Networks Good Practice Guide ANHLC, February 2013

Quality Enhancement and Risk Management Matrix, ANHLC, May 2012

Victorian Neighbourhood Houses Sector Web Library - 

NH Network, ANHLC & DHS Protocol Documents

Neighbourhood House Networks Meeting Descriptions, May 2009

One page brief describing each meeting NH Networks attend

Regional Neighbourhood House Networks Practice Framework and Protocol, September 2008

A description of NH Network Practice that supports NH Networks to work in an agreed, united approach whilst maintaining responsiveness to unique local circumstances. It provides a guide for communication, accountability and decision-making between NH Networks, their members and ANHLC

Neighbourhood House Common Interest Group (NHCIG) Meetings Terms of Reference, October 2013

To establish a common understanding and statement of intent to work collaboratively with an agreed governance and decision making structure for the joint Neighbourhood House Networks and DHS Regional Teams biennial meetings.


PROTOCOL: ANHLC Board & Combined NH Networks Joint Meetings, November 2008

To guide the processes and outcomes of the joint meetings and provide a framework for working collectively.

Other Documents

ANHLC Strategic Plan
ANHLC Governance Structure Diagram
ANHLC Budget Submission

Other Research and Resources

Mixed Reception: An evaluation of NH's and LC's experience, ANHLC, July 2012
Strengthening Local Communities: an overview of research examining the benefits of Neighbourhood Houses, DPCD, July 2005
Moving in Together: A co-location guide for NH's and LC's, September 2008
Guide to Creating Financial Systems and Procedures Manual: ANHLC, January 2007
Navigating the Maze: Understanding and Managing Accountability and Compliance, ANHLC December 2007
Ways of Working and Learning Together: A guide for NH's and LC's, ANHLC, June 2006
Building Communities Together: A practical guide to creating and sustaining partnership for NH's and Local Government, October 2005
Building Victorian Communities: Outcomes of the NH and LC sector, Humpage, RMIT CASR 2005