Activity Area 4: Network Organisation Operations

4.1 Governance and Management

4.1.1 Proactive NH Network Governance

The NH Network encourages:

  • provision of responsible and ethical stewardship for the organisation

  • annual review and skills audit of the NH Network Committee of Governance (CoG)
  • development, review and implementation of:
    1. policies relevant to the operation of the Network governance, management, operations and delivery of activities; and,
    2. policies and practices that keep the NH Network relevant to the needs of its members
  • compliance by the Network with all relevant legislative, statutory and contractual requirements and its own Constitution
  • facilitation of and contribution to development of the NH Network's Strategic Plan
  • provision of relevant, accurate and timely information to the NH Network Committee of Governance

4.1.2 Proactive management of Network finances

The NH Network encourages:

  • responsible and ethical management of NH Network finances

  • support of the NH Network Treasurer and/or finance worker in their role/s
  • development and implementation of NH Network policies and financial risk management systems that are adhered to

4.1.3 Proactive administration of Network

The NH Network encourages:

  • maintenance of appropriate files and office systems

  • maintenance of records in accordance with legislative requirements
  • maintenance of good office systems in order to protect sensitive, confidential and important documents and communications

4.1.4 Proactive compliance and liaison with funding bodies

The NH Network encourages:

  • compliance with guidelines and conditions of contracts as determined by NH Network

  • liaison with funding body representatives to support compliance
  • NH Network representation at forums, discussions and consultations relevant to NH Network funding

4.1.5 Proactive representation / liaison

The NH Network encourages:

  • official representation of the NH Network at activities identified as a priority by the NH Network

  • reporting back to NH Network

4.1.6 Proactive organisational legal compliance

The NH Network encourages:

  • management of compliance with requirements of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 Victoria

4.1.7 Proactive Human Resources management

The NH Network encourages:

  • management of the human resources of the NH Network (including paid staff, volunteers and committee) in an ethical and responsible manner

  • the use of transparent employment processes
  • compliance with employer legal obligations

4.1.8 Proactive recognition of achievements

The NH Network encourages:

  • celebration of NH Network achievements
4.2 Community Development Activity (Operations and Delivery)

4.2.1 Proactive NH Network planning, evaluation and continuous improvement

The NH Network encourages:

  • development and facilitation of NH Network planning and evaluation processes

  • collection and contribution of relevant information and statistics
  • contribution to and participation in continuous improvement practices
  • use of reflective practices
  • contribution to and participation in NH Network evaluations or reviews
  • feedback from members and other stakeholders
  • benchmarking against sector standards

4.2.2 Proactive NH Network promotion

The NH Network encourages:

  • promotion of the Network (internal and external)

  • preparation/distribution of Media Releases in line with current sector policy directions
  • use of current promotional material

4.3 Capacity Building

4.3.1 Proactive NH Network sustainability

The NH Network encourages:

  • succession planning for NH Network Committee of Governance (CoG) and staffing

  • provision of professional development, and development of professional development resources
  • NH Network wide projects