Activity Area 3: State-Wide Representation on behalf of NH Network Members

3.1 Governance and Management

3.1.3 Proactive development and promotion of new / existing resources

The NH Network encourages:

  • identification of resource gaps

  • contribution to "central store" of documents / repository
  • identification of funding opportunities to develop resources
  • sharing of information between NH Networks, their members and ANHLC to ensure resources are showcased, promoted and not duplicated
  • showcasing resources from other NH Networks at NH Network meetings
  • showcasing resources at the ANHLC Conference
  • resources developed are of a high standard and made available (where possible) for distribution on a state wide basis
  • resources that can be made available through the ANHLC web site are presented in a user friendly format

3.1.2 Proactive sustainability of Houses

The NH Network encourages:

  • agenda items of state-wide significance for discussion at Combined NH Networks meetings

  • identification of 'best financial practice'
  • participation in state-wide government / ANHLC working groups

3.2 Community Development Activity (Operations and Delivery)

3.2.1 Proactive promotion of good practice from across the State

The NH Network encourages:

  • showcasing new ideas / materials through email and/or presentations at Network meetings

  • participation in annual ANHLC and Brainfood conferences
  • attendance at and reporting back to the Combined NH Network meetings on ANHLC, Brainfood, ACE Vic, ALA, ACFE and other relevant conferences / professional development opportunities
  • representation of the sector in accordance with ANHLC guidelines / position

3.2.2 Proactive regular DHS meetings

The NH Network encourages:

  • participation in Neighbourhood House Common Interest Group (NHCIG) meetings

  • taking an active role in NHCIG working groups
3.3 Capacity Building

3.3.1 Proactive participation in surveys / data collection

The NH Network encourages:

  • reminders and support for NH Network members to complete the annual ANHLC membership survey

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  • NH Network / NH Network members' participation in state-wide projects and initiatives

3.3.2 Proactive ANHLC working groups

The NH Network encourages:

  • regular participation as active members

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  • participation as mailing list members

3.3.3 Proactive political campaigning

The NH Network encourages:

  • support for political campaigns with informed understanding of the campaign

  • support NH Network members to have an informed understanding of the campaign
  • support NH Network members to campaign
  • organise letters and visits on behalf of the NH Network where appropriate
  • ensuring any campaign activities are coordinated with ANHLC to maximise effectiveness and minimise risk

3.3.4 Proactive regular Combined NH Networks meetings

The NH Network encourages:

  • regular participation in Combined NH Networks meetings to share and exchange info

  • contribution to agenda items, discussion and decision making
  • presentation/ representation of the interests of the NH Network at Combined NH Networks meeting
  • collaboration for the greater good

3.3.5 Proactive ANHLC newsletter / website input

The NH Network encourages:

  • contribution of information to the ANHLC News newsletter & e-bulletin

  • promotion of the ANHLC newsletter, website and e bulletin

3.3.6 Proactive NH sector professional development and resources identifying emerging/current issues

The NH Network encourages:

  • development of high standard relevant resources for state-wide availability (e.g. via ANHLC website) in user-friendly format

  • presentation of / participation in relevant professional development activities by ANHLC
  • attendance at and feedback on other relevant workshops external to the sector, e.g. VCOSS, iTaNGO, PILCH Connect, Jobs Australia, VMIA
  • delivery of workshops by members at ANHLC and other professional conferences
  • delivery of workshops to colleagues at Combined NH Network in-service activities
  • sharing of existing / new professional development resources
  • appropriate support and skills development opportunities for new / existing NH Networkers